Vaping- Fact and Fiction (WIP)

It’s truly only been within the last few years that the word “vape” has even come to have some meaning to most people. Now, its a genre, a subculture and a growing market that many thought would put Big Tobacco in the corner, weeping to see its most long held demographic being swept away by a cleaner, leaner way to get nicotine and bypass the cancer.

The first non-tobacco and smokeless cigarette was actually patented in the late 1960’s by a man in Philadelphia who sought to give smokers a more healthy approach to smoking. Without tobacco and burning paper, the carcinogen count plummeted. The idea didn’t real catch on until, most would say, the early 21st century, and then, primarily throughout Europe. Vape is now a worldwide product, a movement large in numbers and support and a growing campaign for advocates of the juice and devices that have helped untold numbers quit smoking…cigarettes.

As the vape culture grows, so do it’s critics. Part of this is due to a simple lack of information, given that the FDA didn’t begin sharing hard research until just a few years ago. Teen vaping is growing at epidemic rates in most states due to lax enforcement from vendors that sell vapor devices and eJuices.

Like anything new to our culture that has even the hint of impropriety, rumors circulate and abound. Hopefully, this article will provide some insight into the actual strengths and weakness of the vaping movement and serve as an educational device to both parents and consumers alike.

Vape Fiction

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