eJuice Distributors failing just like Big Tobacco

What started out as a somewhat tech guided fad for smokers about a decade ago has become the single greatest threat to Big Tobacco. The vaping industry is flourishing today. Look for groups on any social media platform and you’ll find stories of life long smokers who put down the cigarettes and picked up and eCig, or electronic cigarette.

The industry has come a long ways in just over 10 years. At first, it lacked any credible research showing that it was, in fact, a healthy alternative to smoking. Those that stood opposed to the new style of nicotine cosumption were very audible that the FDA had never taken interest enough to conduct clinically studies of either short or long term effects of eCig use. For many, it simply stood to reason that since the user was only inhaling a vapor produce by adding high heat to a liquid made of plant and vegetable glycerin and not tobacco that had been treated, cured and tested widely for its often scary chemical compositions, this was a better alternative hands down.

Finally, we are seeing solid research from the FDA as well as many other interested bodies, such as Cambridge University. The exstensive studies have in fact proved that “vaping”, the term used as the eCig alternative to “smoking” carry no damage from second hand exposure, no danger to children breathing what is exhaled, no threat to fetuses, just about zero known short or long term negatives and have now announced broadly that vaping is in fact a better form of smoking cessation than nicotine patches, nicotine gum or prescription medications that lessen the cravings to smoke.