Published via iWriter: What You Need To Know-Acrylic Portable Basketball Hoops

If you are a family that enjoys spending time together outdoors and playing basketball, an acrylic portable basketball hoop would be an excellent purchase. They come with a wide variety of custom options and prices to fit any budget. Best of all, with its portability, you can not only move it from house to house, but you can enjoy the flexibility and ease of movement if you just want to take it down the street for a pickup game!

Acrylic backboards are fairly similar to glass backboards. The biggest difference being with an acrylic backboard, you’ll enjoy a more authentic style of rebound when the ball hits the backboard, Glass hoops tend to absorb a lot of the pressure behind the shot, leaving rebound action more flat than what you would experience in a school or gym setting.
Another great advantage to acrylic backboards is they are shatterproof. This is a great feature not only for beginners, but for adults that want to take it to the hole hard. The majority of acrylic frames are tension rated high enough to support your game winning slam dunk. Regardless of manufacturer, this is a consistent guarantee and a great peace of mind factor for parents.

Finding the right acrylic backboard hoop for you is as easy as an internet search. While several brands are available, the companies with the highest safety and durability rating are Lifetime, Spalding and Silverback. Online reviews can provide detailed comparisons and recommendations.
Your acrylic portable basketball hoop will come with several standard features, which will be described below:

*Heavy duty base- This will keep your hoop in place and provide safety from toppling. The base will generally have a screw off cap on the top which will allow you to fill it with either water or sand to maximize stability. Most bases will have a 35 gallon capacity.

*Extension Arm- With this feature, you have the ability to moderate the height of the backboard, making it an excellent choice for beginner players. Most units allow for height from 7.5 feet to regulation style 10 feet. The extension arms are built for small incremental movement so that you can find a fit that is just right for you. Most can be extended with a broom handle. Some companies will even supply a reaching tool to help you move it.

*Shatterproof acrylic backboard with attached rim – With the acrylic backboard, you can enjoy real game feeling rebound reaction once the ball hits the glass. Unlike glass backboards, the acrylic will not absorb all the energy of the shot and leave the ball to fall flat. Backboard sizes range from approximately 44-52″. There are no advantages to backboard size. The difference in available size is merely for preference. A larger sized backboard would be a good choice for beginner players as they learn and hone their playing style.

* All season weatherproofing – You can enjoy piece of mind during all types of weather with that weatherproof coating applied to the pole, extension arm, backboard and rim is protecting the longevity of your investment. Weatherproofing helps decrease damage that comes from prolonged exposure to rain, wind, snow or heat. It keeps your portable basketball unit looking good season after season by protecting the paint and rim durability from harsh weather exposure.

These are the most standard features to expect. Of course, different companies may provide additional features, but for the purpose of knowing what to expect during your purchase, the above listed items will be standard among retailers.

Some additional features that may come with your portable acrylic basketball set are items such as regulation game style ball or additional netting for the rim.

It is also good to bear in mind that most, if not all, portable acrylic hoops will acquire at least some assembly. It will definitely be a two person job, but setup start to finish should only take about an hour.

Once you choose the unit that is right for you, its time to setup and enjoy! Portable acrylic basketball hoops are an awesome way to bring the family together, to entertain visitors, or even bring to work events. The flexibility that the easy drain and refill base provide, as well as the short take down and put up time, guarantee that you can have your game with you, anywhere, anytime!

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